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About us

Eureka Creek Brahman Stud is owned and operated by 3 generations.

We produce high quality, beef brahmans that can withstand the harsh elements of Australian conditions. 

Using natural mating and cutting edge reproductive science, to produce seedstock that will ultimately bring quality beef to the tables of consumers in Australia and around the world.

JDH Lady Manso 791/3

JDH Lady Manso 535/3

Miss V8 940/5

Eureka Creek History

The science of cattle reproduction was developing quickly through the 90’s. Embryo transfer was being utilized, and the successful freezing of embryos was quickly being improved. The pivotal point in our stud program was when Barry met Ced Wise, a bovine reproduction specialist and decided that we needed to utilize the science to help improve the overall quality of the stud.  

We purchased the first heifers in the USA in 2000. Our original females were from the leading US herds including Hudgins and V8 Ranches in Texas and Bayou Oaks, D Bar Ranch and JJ Ranches in Louisiana. With the guidance of Ced, we successfully imported hundreds of embryos into Australia from these females which are the base of the Australian Eureka Creek herd today. Sourcing bulls to use in these embryo programs was a little more difficult due to some of the USA restrictions for use of semen at the time. This opened the door after a lot of genetic research into the foundations of the American Brahman. We sourced and used bulls from Tic Tac Toe, Sugarlands and Mayronne bloodlines.  

Today we use the cutting edge of reproductive science, including A.I, embryo and IVF programs to maximise the benefit of our high producing dams and sires.  DNA and genomics technology is also now fast evolving to help assist us choose the superior cattle for stud selection.

a little bit about 

Our family

Eureka Creek Brahman Stud was originally founded by Barry and Pauline Bowie in the 1989 

Barry grew up in the Proston/Murgon area in QLD from a timber cutting family. However, his passion had always been in the livestock industry. He went to work on large cattle operations in Western Queensland from the age of 15 and gained a reputation as a great horseman and cattleman through the district.


After being drafted to Vietnam, he returned in 1969 and met his wife of over 50 years Pauline. They eventually settled in Moranbah raising three daughters, Becky, Kym & Mary Ann.

Barry’s reputation and livestock knowledge led to a long-standing friendship with Ray Gillham, Apollo Brahman Stud in Glenden. After attending numerous stud cattle sales with Ray through the 80’s Barry & Pauline decided to form their own stud, Eureka Creek Brahmans in 1989.

Barry & Pauline


Becky went on to Longreach Agriculture College and became part of the show cattle team competing at the first Beef in 1988.

Graduating college with distinctions, Becky worked at Brahman Stud cattle operations and fitting services for a few years before moving to the USA.

While living in the Texas USA, she established the American arm of Eureka Creek Brahmans purchasing top quality females from leading Brahman herds.

After returning from America, Becky became a mentor and teacher to many aspiring young cattlemen and women. She was the cattle club co-ordinator at Monto State High School for 7 years, helping students to have a better understanding of beef cattle and the industry. Also leading the team to many victories in both individual and school competitions regionally and statewide.



Eureka Creek Brahmans is now owned and operated by 3 generations. Becky Wilson and her two daughters Cassie and Nanci returned home to Australia in 2006 and became responsible for the stud program. They have shown extensively over the past 15 years, promoting not only Eureka Creek cattle but the brahman breed in general. Winning Champion Brahman Female at the 2007 Brisbane Exhibition would certainly be a highlight as well as both Cassie and Nanci winning the coveted Herdsmanship award at the Rockhampton Junior Beef competitions in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

Brad Kielly joined the Eureka Creek team in 2012. Working together we all bring an individual element to the business. The wisdom of Barry and Pauline, the experience and knowledge of Becky and Brad and the excitement, marketing and technology with the youth of Cassie & Nanci.  Eureka Creek Brahmans is in good hands and the business and cattle will continue to grow and evolve for many years and generations to come.



We are different

Our goal is to produce high quality, beef brahmans that can withstand the harsh elements of Australian conditions. We want cattle that are structurally sound, highly reproductive and at the end of the day bring quality beef to the tables of consumers in Australia and around the world.


This is possible through both genetic and phenotypical selection. The pedigree of an animal is a history book, we have an understanding of what that animal’s predecessors can bring to the next generation. Type, breed character and temperament along with DNA markers are also used to select matings based on what the optimum desirable traits for a high quality beef brahman calf should be.

We are always happy to discuss genetics and your breeding options

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